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Whats Happening

$PARAS Token

PARAS is a utility token that lets you shape the future of Paras ecosystem and at the same time gives you more rewards and benefits.



Earn up to

10.58% APR



Current Price


Market Cap


Circulating Supply

40,345,567.45 PARAS

Total Supply

100,000,000 PARAS

$PARAS Staking

Paras loyalty is a special program created to appreciate $PARAS stakers by giving exclusive access to limited raffles.

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Sweep Floor

You can buy faster up to 10 lowest-price cards.

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Invite your friends to join the event, make new friends, and attract collectors to Paras! Goodluck!

Swap your NFT with your fellow creators or collectors at a low price.

Prizes arewaiting for you!

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Join our Discord

Join our Discord

Создавайте, торгуйте и собирайте цифровые предметы коллекционирования. Универсальная социальная торговая площадка NFT для создателей и коллекционеров.

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