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When You Hear It Howls

People are missing. Locals are terrified. Little did they know, mystery lurks in...

When You Hear It Howls tells a group of high school alumni head to the centre of North American forest. From what seems to be a pleasant vacation, resides dangerous spirits, hungry for blood.
From the original folk tale of North America’s Wendigo, When You Hear It Howls brings the genre of mystery and horror.  Follow the story and be ready to shiver.
When You Hear It Howls will be accessible in Paras Comic starting from November 22nd, 2021. All the while, take an intro from its characters below:

Meet Kevin, an outcast working on getting along. His difficult childhood made him solely focus on his study and work harder. A full-paid holiday is what made him join the crowd in the first place.

Emma, loved and adored, sweet and caring. But, is it really what it is as what it looks like on the surface?

Despite her upbringing, Samantha constantly trying to prove what she’s worth and her hate towards her father fuels her even more.

The one and only who befriends Kevin. Beside his kindness, Tama is a fighter. His action and courage help his friends fight the forest spirits.

After its initial launch on November 22nd, When You Hear It Howls will be available every Wednesday for 0.3 $NEAR.
However, keep a close watch and read the first two chapters for FREE on the launching day!
Beware and book the date!

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