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Memory Bank

Paras helps you deposit and share your memory, knowledge, interest and information to the global collective memory.

Your memory will help build an archive of daily life during certain moment in history, to preserve these memories for future generations.


Memento is collection of memory. Build your personal and collective stories with like-minded people.

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Memory Grant

Once in a while, Paras will create a memento. It can be a question or certain topic and you can contribute by submitting your photographs, videos, writings, arts, or anything that are related to the given topic.

The best contribution each week will be rewarded in US Dollar and Paras Action Coin. Read the winners submission on our blog.


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Every bit of your help pushes us closer to the goal. Share your insights, ideas or feedback with Paras!

If you are interested in becoming part of the team or just want to learn more about us, do email us at paras@evius.id

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