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[NOW LIVE] Earn More $PARAS by $PARAS & NFT Staking!


21 January 2022

It’s only the middle of January, and we’re ready to deliver exciting news to the Paras and NEAR community. We have been working day and night to ensure that we deliver this good news with only perfection, here we present: $PARAS & NFT Staking!

What is $PARAS & NFT Staking?

We launched $PARAS back in September 2021 through Initial Dex Offering (IDO) as a utility token. Some of the use cases for $PARAS are an exclusive pass to the future deals and events & for the DAO governance.
With the surge of NFT projects integrated with Paras marketplace, users who bought the NFTs will gain more profits. In other words, it is also another reason for users to hold the collection for a long time.
With the news of token & NFT staking, $PARAS holders will now get an incentive and yield more tokens through the staking. By staking $PARAS & eligible NFTs, the community can have an opportunity to earn rewards in the form of $PARAS.

How to earn $PARAS via $PARAS Staking?

Users need to stake $PARAS into the “PARAS Staking” pool starting from 20 January 2022 at 14:00 UTC+0 until 1 March 2022 at 00:00 UTC+0.
  1. Visit & login with NEAR.
  2. On the “Paras Staking” pool, click “Stake PARAS”.
  3. Put any amount to be staked. If you don’t have any balance, get $PARAS from Ref Finance, MEXC, or Hotbit. You can stake all of your tokens by clicking “Use Max”.
  4. You will be redirected to the NEAR wallet, click “Approve” to finalize the step. The amount you staked will be visible on “Staked PARAS”.
  5. Click “Claim” on the pool anytime starting from 24 hours after the staking starts. Your rewards will be automatically going to your wallet.

How to earn $PARAS via NFT Staking?

We will update the how-to on the day of the NFT Staking launch. Make sure to follow our social media for the announcement.
Notes: This is only the beginning of $PARAS & NFT Staking and Farming. We will give more room for further development.
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