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Invasion of the Worm Men

Walk through forgotten dungeons and dark sewers, kill monsters, flee from unspeakable terrors!
Play Invasion of the Worm Men.
Invasion of the Worm Men is a card collecting adventure game where your choices decide which cards you get. The cards vary from very high editions (especially for the spendable cards which should be burned in specific places to move on) to very rare editions of three and six copies. In each game you are guaranteed at least four cards including the cover card and one of the end cards with a first edition rarity of 24-29 copies. If you decide to play again, there are other cards with even rarer editions to be unlocked if you find the right cards.

The game mechanics are quite simple. You buy the initial card The Worms Are Coming. On the backside of the card you get two choices. You choose by putting the card out for sale either for an odd (5,7,...999...) or an even (6,8,...998...) number of NEAR above the initial price of the cover card. Then you get a new card, with new choices.
All the cards have their own place, and my job is merely to send them out when you decide where to go (apart from creating it all, of course). If all copies of a card are transferred out, I will make new cards with new artwork and sometimes new twists to the stories.
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