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How to Do Locked Staking & Sign Up for Paras Loyalty Raffle


05 April 2023



How to Do Locked Stacking

1. Go to and click 'Locked Staking'. If you don't have any $PARAS, click 'Get $PARAS’ and buy it from one of the available exchanges.

2. You can choose to lock your staked $PARAS or lock your available balance.

3. Input the amount of $PARAS you want to lock, pick the locked staking duration, and click 'Lock Stake'.

If you want to join Paras Loyalty, you can reach higher levels by fulfilling the requirements below.

4. You can increase the amount of your locked staking by clicking 'Top Up'.

Lock your $PARAS on & get excellent rewards!

How to Sign Up for Paras Loyalty Raffle

Silver, Gold, and Platinum members will have a chance to sign up and enter an exclusive raffle on the 23rd Jan - 5th Feb, 2023.
Option 1:
Log in to Paras Marketplace, and sign up to the exclusive raffle through a whitelisted pop up banner that will appear on the home screen.


Option 2:
If you’re missing the pop-up banner, check your notification box and look for the raffle announcement. Click ‘Sign Up’ to join the exclusive raffle.


Once you are registered for the raffle, you will receive a confirmation notification.