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Ground Zero

A biological attack strikes a hospital in the heart of the city. The Emergency Service Unit and the Disaster Management Team are dispatched to handle the situation, as well as two JTN Reporters reporting live from the scene. Within hours, these three groups will have their lives changed forever as they fight for survival against a zombie outbreak.
Heavily focusing on the teams that help the outbreak from spreading, meet the two main characters from the comic below!

“I guess everyone would be back to their primal instinct when facing this horror.”
As one of the youngest Emergency Service Unit’s personnel, Randy struggles to find what kind of bright future he is fighting for. He has joined the group thinking he could be a hero, but the real experience tells him differently. He also starts to lose his fear. However, the zombie outbreak will bring back that fear and the only bright future he can think of is survival.

We wear these journalist tags at all times for a reason”
Firza is a reporter from JTN news company. Coming to the hospital with her cameraman, she faces difficulties as the guard blocks her way in to get more hot scoops. However, she hasn’t realized yet that the situation is more dangerous than how it actually seems.

Ground Zero will be available in Paras Comic on November 24th and offers the first two chapters for FREE.
Get hooked on the story and read the weekly release for only 0.3 $NEAR.

Get ready and follow the Emergency Service Unit team as they march towards the danger!

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