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Exverse, revolutionising the P2E genre


18 April 2022


ExVerse is a P2E MMO Battle Royale game. It is going to be a free to play game which aligns with our values of accessibility and we could be a bridge between the mainstream gaming industry and web3.
Some game mechanics we’ve discussed that will be featured in the game include no building and different modes. We are also working on a cheat detection system to encourage fair play, which will incorporate an incentivisation system. There will be no pay to win mechanics.
The beta release of the game is scheduled for Q4 2022 - holders of the ExVerse pass will have access to play test the game at this time.
We are releasing it on PC initially.
We will look into different consoles and Mac computers once there is adoption of metamask or wallet platforms on these consoles.

Founders & Vision
The founder of ExVerse, Alexander Chernov, and his business partner and co-founder, Nikita Uriupin, had a dream of coming together to create an AAA game incorporating a P2E system and NFT integration, while having well-developed gameplay and quality graphics.
Being gamers themselves, the two decided to embark on this journey 8 months ago, after they realised that many P2E games in the Gamefi market are not interactive and engaging.
With the firm belief of Play and Earn instead of Play to Earn, they also hope to bridge the gap between the mainstream gaming sector and the gamefi market with a free to play game with quality graphics and one that is highly engaging.

Our team is doxxed and you’ll be able to find information on the team members including the founders, CEO and the lead developers under #team. You can also find them through the ExVerse website. Some of our developers have experience in building AAA games including Call Of Duty, Apex and World of Tanks.
We are a team of 30 and have 15 developers working on ExVerse full time at this point. We are currently looking and have plans to expand the team further after our seed funding, more information on funding below! We do not currently have a dedicated studio for ExVerse but have plans to build one in the future when we decide where we will be headquartered.
We hold regular live streams on our discord and on Twitch where we give updates on the development of the game :

ExVerse NFT Pass
We will be launching 3000 game passes that will be available through the NEAR and ERC platforms.
The benefits of the pass include, but is not limited to, being a holder of a lifetime season pass to the ExVerse, claimable legendary skins in future drops and the chance to playtest after the beta release.
The NEAR mint will consist of 1000 passes and will be priced at US$250 in NEAR. We have a partnership with NEAR, and they have given us a grant to continue developing our game.
For more information on NEAR, do check out #near-registration on our discord server. The mint on near will be a public presale for members of the community that register their Near wallets.
All future claimables will still be on the ERC Platform as well as the pass itself. NOTE: Passes minted on Near will also be bridged to the ethereum platform.
To mint the ExVerse Pass on Paras, you will have to enter our discord server and register your Near Wallet in the channel #near-registration. Click on the “NEAR” role after Near wallet registration is successful.


For more information on ExVerse, check out the links below: