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Custom Kawaii Kollectibles


01 Jan 2022

Own a one of a kind Kawaii Kollectible NFT drawn just for you! Kawaii Kollectibles is a series of adorable chibi art, each traditionally hand drawn with pens, colored markers, and colored pencils on a 2x3" card.
Buying my Custom Kawaii Kollectible card represents a commission request for a 1 of 1 NFT. Your chibi art request can be for a favorite character, an original character, D&D character, or even a kawaii portrait of yourself or avatar.


★ DM me on Twitter @starmasayume (or email me at [email protected]) with details of your request for approval. I may ask for additional references or details as needed.
★ Buy the "CUSTOM Kawaii Kollectible" card directly from stargirl.near
★ 1 character per card - If you would like a matching couple, you will need to purchase 2 custom cards
★ Will receive a 1 of 1 minted NFT art of your custom drawn Kawaii Kollectible - if you are interested in the physical art, see details below.
★ Royalties will be set low at 5%
★ Cannot be a duplicate of a previous character without significant variation
★ Custom orders will be worked on in the order received
HOLD the custom card until I show you a preview of your chibi art. Once the final art is approved, your 1 of 1 custom Kawaii Kollectible NFT will be transferred to you after you transfer the custom card back to me at stargirl.near

Art Process

Custom chibi art will be traditionally drawn based on your request to create a Kawaii Kollectible just for you! You will be able to approve a rough sketch and request minor tweaks or changes before I complete the art.


Kawaii Kollectibles are unique in that they are traditionally drawn small and cute on a 2x3" card. For just the cost of shipping in NEAR I can send you the original art card or optionally encased in an acrylic keychain.
Should you trade your 1/1 NFT, the original will always be yours to keep!
If you do not choose this option, the original art will be tucked away into my personal portfolio collection not to be resold. *Shipping cost varies depending on your location. I do not assume responsibilty for shipping loss or delivery issues.

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