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Catching Up with Paras #36


25 October 2021

NEARcon's fever is in the air! As the event commences, we are ready to bring you Paras Comic. While you are at it, check out the Card4Card October as well.

Hello, everyone! How are you doing on this fine day? Last week, we informed our integration with HHS art on our marketplace. A few days ago also marks the start of our monthly Card4Card event. This event is the first Card4Card with a partnership with NIA and Swagger DAO. As usual, there are a lot of cool cards ready to collect. We believe there will be more integration and possible unique NFTs entering the platform in the upcoming weeks. Watch for the following info!
If you haven't heard about NEARcon, you should find out about it! Meet speakers around the globe and be the first to the newest and upcoming releases in the NEAR protocol.
Let's get back to our weekly recap. We record 2360 minted cards in total and 5791 transactions in Paras. Our trading volume is $21444. For more details regarding the volume for each collection, please check
Since we are in the middle of the #Card4Card event, it would be nice to talk about the collection. Do you know what time it is? It's time for Halloween. Our artists bring myriads of monsters and spooky creatures to commemorate the event. Unfortunately, we cannot discuss them one by one. Fret not! You can check them out on the #Card4Card category. Let's walk through the thread of our realm and the dead, and don't get spooked!
Without further ado, let's start!


No, this is not the "pump" of the $NEAR. The "NEARPump" is a collection of spooky pumpkins for the #Card4Card October event. During the event of Halloween, the pumpkins gain sentience. They are no longer a face, the bone constructs the body, and they could also wander the realm of the living for a moment. The artist, marcrypto01.near states:
There is magic in the night when NEARpumpkins glow by moonlight.
Unfortunately, this is neither the magic in Cinderella nor a happy-ever-after fairytale. This is a nightmare incarnate. On top of that, some of the pumpkins have styles too. They bring a flare to the iconic horror creatures. Watch for the NEARpumps!


The wood is terrifying. The tale as old as time would say that something watches us wherever we don't look in the woods. What if they are correct? Dadaismdarell.near shows a visual through the "Unconscious" collection. The collection brings the imagery of the unconscious mind of species in the woods. The artist brings up a fantastic concept of a wandering mind that turns into a different creature at night. The artist states:
Do you agree if there’s a chance when we’re sleeping, we travel in the woods but in a different creature?
I want to be a glaring red-eyed wolf somewhere in an unknown forest. That sounds awesome. Collect the "Unconscious" collection now!

Naard's Halloween

Halloween does not necessarily about being spooky and scary. Naard.near has an idea what it should look like. Through his collection for the #Card4Card event, he creates some cute images of ghosts and creatures of Halloween. As a day of celebration, the creator visualizes the party of the dead. One of the cutest images of this Halloween is this one; "On the way to party Halloween." This party would be fantastic once we have a native platform for 3d models on NEAR. Everyone can bring their spooky NFTs as their avatar and get the entrance ticket there. Before that happens, let's enjoy the Halloween party by Naard.near!

GBA Knights

Facelessone.near delivers another terrific collection. This time, the creator brings the legendary knights of medieval Europe. Combining the skillset of a notorious figure with a pure heart and the horror of the dead, the creator might as well create a scary champion. The artist states:
….is the indistinct line of truth between fact and fiction and humanity’s need to create larger-than-life figures of a by-gone age when valour and chivalry reached their apex.
We could expect 12 knights coming into this collection. There are 4 Knights ready to fight: The Lionhearted, Saint George, Sir Galahad, and Siegfried. Get your champion now!


The "Nefarios" collection is a compilation of horrific characters of different shapes and sizes. Perhaps, the collection's name is derived from "Nefarious," which means wicked and criminal activity. Each backstory of the character decorates their grotesque appearance. Demons, monsters, and horrors come together as one in this collection. Not only that, they are somewhat anthropomorphized to make them look exactly like humans. Beware of the "Nefarios"! Are you ready to hear their story? Get yours now!

What do you think about these collections? If you manage to get them, let us know by mentioning us on our social media. In the next few weeks, we will have more comics on our platform. Get ready for it! Keep following us for more sweet updates. That's it for now, cheers!