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12 November 2021


Hold your breath! Paras Comic will launch 3 new titles this November. The soon-to-be-released comics will cover genres from action to horror.
The first title to launch is Bob Boom! From the original creator of Gary ODD Edmund along with Samtoshi_F_Baby. Get on the journey of Bob Boom! the bounty hunter along with his team in discovering adventurous life!
Next up is When You Hear It Howls. From what seems to be a pleasant vacation, Kevin must muster up courage to get along whilst team up and survive the wrath of forest’s spirits.
Last but not least, Ground Zero will join the platform and unveil a new terror within the hospital’s walls. Follow the Emergency Service Unit team as they try to keep the terror from spreading.
The 3 new titles will be available on Paras Comic starting on November 12th, 22nd, and 24th, respectively.
Be sure to stay tuned at Paras Comic to keep a close watch on the launching!