Hand Them A Piece

Giving appraisal to content can give the creator a driving force for them to create even better content in the future. By supporting active creators, you can help the community to develop.

The best part of the non-vanity metrics platform is that each incentive comes from a pure assessment of the viewer; no diversion. In Paras, appreciating a post is as easy as giving a compliment in real life.

  • Locate the post you like and tap the "Piece" button.

  • You can hand up to 20 PAC and as low as 5 PAC.

  • If you tap on the dropdown bar, you will see the details of whom the money will go to.

  • Tap "Send" to proceed with the process.

  • Check any transactions that has been conducted on your wallet page.

A small amount of appreciation does not just impact an individual, it grows us as a community.

Transmit the Thought

Every good content creator's piece should be passed upon from one mind to the other. Transmitting a content means that you are distributing it to a larger or even bigger audience. Perhaps, to the point that it circles back to the original creator.

Don't worry, since you are essentially a distributor every time you transmit, you will get incentivized as well when people hand a piece on the transmitted post. Click here to learn about the incentives.

  • Locate the post you like and tap the "Transmit" button.

  • You are directed to the "Transmit" page. You can view list of Memento that contain the current post

  • Tap the "Add" button on the top right corner of your screen to transmit the post to other Memento

  • Once you have successfully transmitted the post, the "original post" tag will be applied to it.

  • When you transmit, you are creating a new entity for the post. Therefore, even when the original post is deleted, your transmitted post still remains. (with "original post" intact)

By transmitting a post, an effortless action can be a fruitful one.


Host a public memento where people can create and share memories with. As a host you can also receive a part of PAC that is being transferred via your Memento.

Memento is a decentralized community. It acts as a guild, groups, memory box, keepsake, community; from personal to public use, memento's function is as you intented it to be. It can be a channel for you to share your personal writing, your weekly vlog, a community of beginner artist to share their learning process or even a royalty-free photo sharing, sky's the limit!

  • You can create Memento via page "New Post" or "User Memento List"

  • In the "New Memento" page, you can fill out the name, category, and its type. There 2 type of Memento.

  • Personal memento means that the host is the only one who can post in that memento. The memento still publicly available to others.

  • Public memento means that everyone can post to the memento. If an unrelated post (inappropriate, out of place, etc) is sent to your memento, you can redact the post. The post will be removed from your Memento

  • Memento is created.

A great creator is not just someone who can manifest their greatness; they can also provide a vessel for others.



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