no vanity metrics

Content, not Metrics

Share stories, ideas, works and creativity carefree. Let the content shines, not the metrics. Appreciate the post because you think it is cool not because everyone said so. Observe, analyze and respond each post independently, create your own interpretation without bounded to public consensus.


Decentralized Collective Memory

Memento is the future of collective memory, the shared pool of memories, knowledge and information. Every memento is unique with it's own set of rules governed by the users. It is fully decentralized that allows everyone to create, join and interact with others without barrier.

create and distribute

Create and Distribute

Paras gives the same power to everyone to create and distribute. Create unstoppable content and let everyone enjoy it. Distribute your content or someone else's without losing the track of the original creator. No recommendation algorithm used, every content is being distributed and recommended by people like you.

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