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NFT Drops

MTVRS (www.mtvrs.app) is a world of worlds and home to blockchain-powered games for players, creators and developers! MTVRS is designing a platform to create experiences and utility around blockchain assets.

This is MTVRS first NFT Drop, “The Architect’s Devices” a set of exclusive collectibles forged by the architects of the metaverse to empower them as they hop the infinite worlds.

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MTVRS Hopping

Open Edition



10 Ⓝ

Card Supply

500 pcs

Card Available


Quantum Crystal

Open Edition



45 Ⓝ

Card Supply

100 pcs

Card Available


The Fusion Cell

Open Edition



30 Ⓝ

Card Supply

200 pcs

Card Available



June 9th

  • Open registration for user to get early access (whitelist) to buy NFT

June 16th

  • NFT Drops for whitelisted account
  • Drops will start on June 16th at 00.01 and will end at June 18th at 00.00 (2-days)

June 19th

  • NFT Drops for public (if still available)
  • The remaining drops will start sale for public on June 19th at 00.01 and will end at June 24th at 00.00 (5 days)

June 25th

  • Burn all the remaining NFTs

How to register

So let’s get started! In order to get a whitelist for Paras x MTVRS NFT Drops, please complete these tasks.

  1. Fill the Form of Eligibility: https://tripetto.app/run/2OGYWACAC6
  2. Follow MTVRS on Twitter (https://twitter.com/themtvrs)
  3. Retweet, like, tag your friends to this pinned tweet about the NFT Drops (https://twitter.com/ParasHQ/status/1402264239927185422)
  4. Join the MTVRS Telegram group (https://t.me/themtvrs)
  5. Join the MTVRS Discord channel (https://discord.com/invite/wSNk3ktahF)
  6. Follow Paras on Twitter (https://twitter.com/ParasHQ)
  7. Follow Paras on Instagram (https://instagram.com/paras.hq/)
  8. Join Paras Telegram group (https://t.me/parashq)
  9. Join Paras Discord server (https://discord.com/invite/vWR2XBNupg

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You can read full information on Paras publication

This project is in public beta.

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