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The Road to 1000 NEARPunk


16 Nov 2021

Roadmap, Drops and Details

Why NEARPunk? Because NEARPunk is for everyone!
NEARPunk is a representation of people from all walks of life that can use NEAR. These are unique avatars made in colorful NEARpixel-Punk-artStyle.
The NEARPunk project was created last April 20,2021 with the goal of encouraging more people to join NEAR Protocol and PARAS platform. Because of the amazing support of the NEAR community, around 600 NEARPunks have already been minted and found their homes. ♥
NEARPunk is not just an original series of unique 1/1 NFT. It is also valuable in a way that the art is not auto-generated and is very limited that it only has 1000 supply cap.

* REGULAR (Common : 15N each) = 512/800 cards minted
- Male Human, Female Human, Ape and Alien

* SPECIAL = 88/200 cards minted
- Cosplay (Rare : 20N each) = 42/55 cards minted

- Iconic (Rare : 20N each) = 13/25 cards minted

- Custom (Epic : 50N each) = 33/100 cards minted
Details about CustomNEARPunk can be found here:

- Creator (Legendary : 30N each) = 0/20 cards minted


Only 50 NEARPunks will be dropped during weekdays on
Drops are composed of both REGULAR and SPECIAL NEARPunks.

Announcements will be twitted on the day before the drops on

The current SUPPLY COUNTS can be found in my Paras profile page.

You can follow or contact me on Twitter : @artofmonztre
And as always, thank you for your support! ♥

NEARPunk lives on!

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This project is in public beta.

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