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Starry Night


18 April 2022



"Starry Night" by markoeth.near -- is the most exquisite and distinguishable 1/1 generative art piece NFT collection on NEAR Protocol.
Founder of Starry Night is Marko.
Marko on Twitter: Marko (markoeth.near)
Starry Night on Twitter: Starry Night

Total supply: 999 NFTs
Date launched: January 17th, 2022.

All official links are at the end of the document below.
Starry Night is being showcased on Paras, currently main secondary marketplace on NEAR. Produced images come in high quality resolution, 10800x10800 pixels, whereas the full resolution image can be obtained by accessing the IFPS link in the details of the NFT.

Mocca Band Metaverse Event Setup by Paras team

Some of the selected Starry Night pieces will be showcased on a metaverse concert by Mocca Band. Incredible NFT gallery will have 8 Starry Night NFTs displayed.
Selected Starry Night NFTs are tagged down below in cards section.



I have written a 9 sub-tweets thread on Twitter for any newcomers on NEAR trying to set foot on NEAR NFTs, where they come from Ethereum or Solana, or some other blockchain.
Read it here: HOW TO BUY NEAR NFTs?


Collaborations and partnerships

My intention was to bring 1/1 fine art to NEAR NFT space whilst building a strong and organic community and regularly rewarding my holders. Apart from visualising art pieces framed on a wall, I wanted to incentivise collabs with quality projects to integrate Starry Night into every corner of NEAR NFT space. Quality > quantity of partnerships/collabs matter to me.


1st collab was with M A R A -- our partnership resulted with using specially designed edition of Starry Night backgrounds on Mara Gen 1 collection.



2nd collab was with Holistic Pilgrim -- our partnership resulted using a one distinguishable Starry Night as a background for their NFT characters.



After that time followed a Starry Night showcase in an exhibition event in Los Angeles, hosted by United By Love (@UBLevents), by the courtesy of GDizzyTre
It was held on March 19th. It was recognised by many influencers, art appreciators, builders and community in NEAR space, as well as Paras team. The utmost goal was to bring NEAR NFTs closer to the wider audience and try to gain exposure for Starry Night and NFTs / digital art in general.



The latest collab was a Starry Night x EV3RETH -- 1/1 fine art collection.
30 unique pieces generated from a machine learning algorithm trained by EV3RETH. The SNxEV3 GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) model is actually two models blended together. One trained on Marko's Starry Night collection and the other trained on a texture dataset compiled by EV3RETH.
EV3RETH on Twitter: EV3RETH
EV3RETH on Discord: EV3RETH's Auction House


Process of creation of Starry Night

Starry Night is my latest and the most advanced generative algorithm to date.
It’s a continuously optimised code developed in Processing, using Java. Although the algorithm of the code is not very complex, it allows rendering variety of surprising outputs.


The random processes represent the right balance of unpredictability and quality in a most efficient way. Creating a masterpiece requires hundreds, if not thousands of challenging processes to find the sweet spot in the elements of a vortex.
The main basis of Starry Night is a vortex algorithm, composed of aesthetically pleasing lines and curves. They run alongside the neighbouring lines and curves without causing a collision. Their intertwined paths form a vortex.


"Isn't life a vortex of destinies?"
The configuration of a vortex is extremely versatile. It can be described with a more or less density, longitude of lines or curves, as well as the velocity of their movement which in cases of a fast flow leads to sharper angles, therefore forming a vortex.
As all other properties have a randomised output, colours in Starry Night are no exception. There is a set of 44 background colours and 35 colour palettes put together as pre-generated sets of probable combinations, only few of which were selected by hand.
.gif below


About Marko

My name is Marko and I'm 27 years old. I am based in Croatia where I work and live. I have masters degree in military engineering. Although art is not my primary occupation, I've been trying to find myself for years, through the phase of ink and watercolours on canvas to self-teaching programming languages and ultimately generative art algorithms in 2021/2022.


Early believers know that I've started from 0, and in my journey have climbed to where I am now. I'm grateful for all the support and belief you had in me on my incredible path.
I've been trying to build up a brand for 1/1 generative art on NEAR NFTs and build a reputable name -- all through showing consistency, transparency, hard work ethics, passion, social presence on Twitter, Discord, Instagram and by putting my heart and soul in it!


There has been many spontaneous achievements along the way. They say..."underpromise, overdeliver".
I am doxxed to the Growth & Business Development, NEAR Foundation.



I've conducted a variety of interviews with artists, art appreciators and projects on NEAR, who were curious what Starry Night is all about. One of interviews was my most memorable one -- w/ Mr. Brown team!



Staking Starry Night

You can stake Starry Night NFTs on Paras Staking to earn passive income.
Rewards are paid out in $PARAS token.
At the time of writing this thread it is worth: 1 $PARAS = $0.21.
It may come as surprise, but I own 2 Starry Night NFTs only for myself. All other Starry Night NFTs were either sold, gifted, given away in raffles on socials.


Official links

Official links are included in:
- Buy Starry Night on Paras
- Starry Night Discord server
- Starry Night Twitter page
- My Twitter page
- My Instagram page
- Stake Starry Night
My Discord ID: Marko (markoeth.near)#9525








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