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Paras 2.0 is Live!


07 Sep 2021

Paras 2.0 is now live for you to enjoy! Thank you for your patience!

It takes a lot of preparation to conduct migration on our platform. We take up the challenge to move the platform forward. We have been operating with non-standard NFTs. Today, we are proud to announce that all our NFTs are standardized base on NEP-171.
With new standard comes new updates on the platform. We pursue the idea of making Paras accessible for all creators. Therefore, we are taking out the invitation to Paras. From this day and on, everyone who has a NEAR account can mint their NFTs on Paras. No more waiting time for you to exercise your creativity.
Not only that, we heard every requested feature from our community. We are trying our best to fulfill their needs. We abolish the ratio (64x89) constrain for NFTs on Paras. In Paras 2.0, we welcome all pixels, ratios, and forms that you produce. Even though the biggest file size that we can support is still 16 MB, we will try to accommodate bigger file sizes. We are also planning to support more formats for our artists. There will be more to come
Some features that you are already familiar with, have been upgraded. Come take a look!

Verified Creator

All invited artists get a verification mark. We are happy to give you the “verified creator” mark on Paras 2.0 platform. We hope we can continue to work together hand in hand. Cheers for the years to come!


Only verified creator can create publication. In order to become a verified creator, please visit our Discord server to learn more!

NFTs Overhaul

Paras 2.0 brought a collection-based NFTs for the artist. Before the migration, we can categorize our NFTs as a semi-fungible token(based on ERC-1115). In Paras 2.0, we introduce two aspects of our NFTs:
  • "Series "(Collection-based NFTs) is a group of the entire supplies of the card. All cards that can be purchase through the “Market” page are a series (Collection-based NFTs). They represent the entirety of that NFTs. For example, if 100 supplies of an NFTs is a series.
  • "NFT" is an edition of the Series. When you purchase from a Series, you will get one edition of that Series. The edition number is determined by the amount of NFTs purchased prior to yours. Each of the editions of the NFTs in Paras is officially a non-fungible token. For example, if you are the 10th buyer of a Series, you will get the 10th edition of that Series.
Paras adds “lazy minting” to the platform. From now on, all NFTs in a Series will be minted only when there is a buyer. The buyer will pay for the minting fees for the card they want to acquire. On the aftermarket, the minting fee is non-existent since the card has been minted.

Create your Collection

Creating a collection becomes a lot more interesting. Before you can mint any card, you need to have a collection first. A collection is a group with which you categorize your NFTs. A collection can represent a theme, characters, stories, etc. You can create your collection by pressing “Create Collection” or you can “Create Card” then create your collection from there.
Creating a collection is fun! Each collection becomes an entity. You can add a description and logo for your collection. You can also edit your existing collection as well by adding the logo and changing the description. The collection is a standalone profile for your cards. Customize it as you please!
From now on, you can no longer forget the collection that you’ve created. Every time you create a card, you can see the list of your collections on the “card creation” page.
Every card is a part of a collection, and you can make as many collections as you like.

Card Creation

Card creation also gets an overhaul that it needs. Unlike our previous layout, you need to determine the collection of the card you want to create. After that, you don’t have to be afraid of our ratio restrictions anymore. You can mint on any ratio that you’d like. Then, you can add the metadata (Name, Description, and Number of copies). Lastly, you can now decide whether you want to immediately put the card on sale. We make a checkbox for you to sell it immediately. By default, all your created cards cannot be purchased immediately unless you tick the checkbox when you create the card.

Those are the biggest changes to our platform. Don’t forget that we are determined to bring more features to the platform. There are a lot of upcoming features that we already have in mind and we cannot wait to work on them and release them for all of you. Mark our migration as a step in the right direction. We officially open the marketplace for everyone. Enjoy!
We will refund all bids submitted by users in a couple of hours. Bidding feature will return.

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