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02 November 2021



Welcome to Metamon! Get ready to explore an exciting universe full of powerful creatures with unique abilities! Capture, evolve and train your Metamon to become the best! Battle each other in a competitive online battle royale and earn your place as the Supreme One!
Today is an exciting day: We are revealing 15 of our fierce Metamon across different species and evolutions! Check them out on the Metadex on our website here ( In this drop, you can collect exclusive Gen 2 Proto skins and limited edition collectibles. We are also revealing a sneak peek of what's to come, including a 3D animation showing LILO’s origin story and more details about the Metamon battle game!
The upcoming Metamon game is an online competitive Battle Royale PC Play-To-Earn game with an official launch date of January 20th. Sign up here for exclusive early access to the game:
Also make sure to join our Discord ( and follow us on Twitter ( to monitor any updates!
In this drop you can collect:
  • Available Nov 8th:
(i) PROTO Edition Skins: exclusive in-game Gen 2 character skins
(ii) Metamon EXPLORER SKETCH Collectibles: sketches made by Metamon explorers for LILO and PICO
  • Available and open for Bidding Nov 12th:
(iii) LILO’s Escape: an exclusive 3D animated backstory collectible for LILO
As always, we are also airdropping special gifts for our early supporters to be completed on Nov 14th:
(iv) Memo Proto Edition Skin: A collectible for everyone who supported us in this drop or past drops
(v) LILO's Stare: An exclusive collectible for Quantum Crystal holders