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Register for An Epic Art Swap on from June 11-13


10 Jun 2021

Join the first #card4card art swap on! From Friday, June 11th to Sunday, June 13th we'll be trading digital art card NFTs in high editions at low prices. Join the first #card4card art swap on!
To make this event accessible, we will hurry the approval process for anyone who signs up. Use this form to express your interest and be part of an epic weekend!

Register Now!

Participation is easy:

- Mint 100 (or more) editions of an artwork. It can be something new or old, but don't mint something you've already minted elsewhere. Do this any time before the event!
- Set collection to "card4card". This will surface your art into the featured event section on the Paras market page.
- On June 11th, set the card price to 0.1 NEAR (or less). The idea is to make it inexpensive, so it feels like a big group trade.

Important! Do NOT collect more than 1 of each piece! If you do, you're disqualified from future airdrops and whitelists.

We're throwing this event to make connections in our community and welcome new artists to NEAR. Make friends, discover art, and attract collectors to the platform by creating a big buzz!

This project is in public beta.

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