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Paras x MTVRS NFT Drops: The Architect's Devices


10 Jun 2021

“A multiverse of pocket universes forged by the Architects to explore the infinite realities of the cosmos.
Travel the MTVRS, empower yourself with their devices and explore the worlds created by the Architects“
The MTVRS is here, a platform where you can discover worlds and play blockchain-powered games!
We are excited to announce “The Architect’s Devices”, the first of a series of collectibles that connect our MTVRS worlds together and empower the traveler as they hop through worlds. These MTVRS collectibles enable for unique experiences as you play games created on the MTVRS platform. They are limited editions and are of significance when discovering the MTVRS world in lore and reality.
The Architect’s Devices will be a 7-days event. There will be three unique cards released during the event, each with potential perks on the MTVRS platform.
Before Paras users can purchase The Architect’s Devices, they need to sign The Form of Eligibility. People who signed this form will be able to purchase the The Architects of the Metaverse before it opens for the public. The cards are an exclusive collection that can be purchased only on, starting on the 16th of June 2021.
Here are the Architect’s Devices:

1. Quantum Crystal

The Quantum Crystal sporadically rewrites reality and in turn manifests a gift from somewhere in the metaverse to the holder.
Learn more about potential Perks unlocked by the Quantum Crystal on the MTVRS platform here:

2. The Fusion Cell

The Architects forged the Fusion Cell, a powerful energy source, to empower and supercharge them as they travel across the worlds of the MTVRS.
Learn more about potential perks unlocked by the Fusion Cell on the MTVRS platform here:

3. MTVRS Hopping

Travel through the metaverse and discover the first worlds created by the Architects. This is an exclusive collaboration collectible between 8 creators building worlds on the MTVRS platform.
Learn more about potential perks unlocked by the MTVRS Map on the MTVRS platform here:
Games and Creators in this collab:
  • Metamon (metamon.near)
  • Dragons (awra.near)
  • Arcane Tarot (jettblackink.near)
  • Pandora’s Playroom (neondeathcat.near)
  • Monkeyverse (ryzm.near)
  • Rare Politics (kushnadas.near)
  • LSD Gummy Bears (gummylsd.near)
  • Mechabots (starpause.near)


  • On the 9th of June (00.00 UTC), Everyone interested in The Architect’s Devices can sign the Form of Eligibility.
  • Paras will whitelist accounts who sign The Architect’s Devices until the 14th of June 2021.
  • On the 16th and 18th of June 2021 (00.00 UTC), The whitelisted account can get the NFT drop early.
  • On 19th until 24th of June 2021 (00.00 UTC), the rest of The Architect’s Devices’s supply will be available for purchase by everyone (if any)
  • There is a limited amount of each card available. Once we run out of supply, there will not be extra cards.
  • We will burn every unsold card on 25th of June 2021 (00.00 UTC). Therefore, there is no card left once the drop ends.

So let’s get started! In order to get a whitelist for MTVRS NFT Drops, please complete these tasks.

  • Fill the Form of Eligibility:
  • Follow MTVRS on Twitter
  • Retweet, like, tag your friends to this pinned tweet about the NFT Drops (
  • Join the MTVRS Telegram group
  • Join the MTVRS Discord channel
  • Follow Paras on Twitter
  • Follow Paras on Instagram
  • Join Paras Telegram group
  • Join Paras Discord server
About Metaverse:
The vision is to create a collaborative blockchain-powered ecosystem where artists can create engaging experiences around their work and game developers can extend them into mobile, PC and console video games.
The MTVRS team currently works with game developers to integrate blockchain assets into existing or new games! They are also currently developing the MTVRS Blockchain Game Integration API to offer seamless integration of blockchain dynamics and MTVRS features into your mobile, PC and console games.

This project is in public beta.

2021 Paras


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