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Paras x CODAME


01 Mar 2021

To celebrate the 10th annual ART+TECH Festival, CODAME is launching a set of digital art cards on Paras. The designs reach back into the vaults of Vicente Montelongo, the non-profits original Chief Creative Officer and a constant inspiration for CODAME branding. To take part in this event, register as a collector here.
CODAME sparks visionaries by celebrating the value of playful creativity. The not-for-profit cultivates space for innovation + collaboration with signature CODAME inspiring experiences. These include workshops, sales, installations, performances, and the annual ART+TECH Festival.
With Paras; an all-in-one social digital art card marketplace, collectors can maintain and track the ownership of digital art cards through provable blockchain systems. Paras supports the creative endeavor of the artists.
At the crossroads, we can choose to take different paths or take one less taken by; together.
Paras and CODAME share a healthy overlap of ART+TECH interests. Goals of both platforms include:
  1. Creating accessible platforms for artists.
  2. Elevating the value of art during technological advancement.
  3. Driving innovation across silos and meaningful engagement.
For these reasons, Paras will #JOYNT the ride for their CODAME ART+TECH FESTIVAL 2020.
Collaborative art is a transformational force to strengthen the community and enhance well-being. At the 10th annual ART+TECH Festival you will:
  • Connect with the community to diversify your network & spark new mental models.
  • Create tangible outcomes in equitable collaboration, such as building art together or creating a new movement.
  • Celebrate artwork by exploring, enjoying, and sharing your discoveries in our inclusive chats, shows, and galleries.
When: December 11th — 20th, 2020
Where: Online & Physical (following local safety guidelines in SF and Egypt).
What: Workshops, Performances, Meet the Artist Sessions, and Physical installations
All of this coincides with Paras launching in December. CODAME is distributing free digital art cards on Paras in JOYNT celebration. Let’s JOYNT forces to nurture Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion within the art and tech community! Get tickets to the ART+TECH Festival and Register as a collector at Paras.

This project is in public beta.

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