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Paras Easter


28 Mar 2021

Let’s decorate Paras and Easter!

The exact origins of the Easter Egg Decoration tradition are unknown, but an egg has been a sign of procreation; the arrival of a newborn in springtime meadows became associated with birth and renewal. We would like to present the culture along with our artists and collectors.
An egg is a symbol of new life. Even though most Easter eggs are made from chocolate and covered in colored foil, it does not mean we cannot transform the idea for the Paras Easter. With our medium, we can surpass art decoration from a single hard boiled egg into a fine NFTs collection to collect. Artists can also add their “Easter Egg” to their art. Let’s take your brush and start decorating!
Through this event, we also work with SWAGGER DAO who will bring the participants superb NEAR SWAG! With this, we hope we can mix physical goods with digital art for our events in the future.

Easter Egg Decoration

Every single artist in Paras is eligible to create a collection for this event. Let the spirit of Easter get into your soul and decorate the day!
  • Artists must create a new Paras Easter Egg-themed collection, e.g. “Easter 21 — (Collection’s name)”
  • Any card in this category must be a form of egg decoration or include an egg as a part of the art.
  • Artists can include “Easter eggs” in their art if they want to.
  • Artists can start minting their Easter collection from 28th of March 2021 00.00 AM CET.
  • Each artist can release up to 20 pieces of each card.
  • The event’s card is priced for up to 20$ each.
*Disclaimer: By minting cards under this collection, the artist agrees with their art being used as a print by SWAGGER DAO only as a reward. The art will be printed in a SWAG and distributed to Grand Prize winners.

*We can link the artist to SWAGGER DAO, if the artist wants to make their art commercial.
There will be a lot of “Eggs” to collect! Ready yourself to hunt!

Easter Egg Hunt

Happy day for our collectors! Collectors may not be able to decorate their own egg, but they are allowed to hunt for our artists’ eggs.
Collectors that buy cards from Easter 21 collection within the event timeline (28th of March 2021–11th of April 2021) are eligible for “Hatching the Egg”

To qualify, the users must:

  1. Collectors must share their purchase on the social media and mention Paras/NEAR/Community
  2. Collectors must submit proof of participation via this form.
  3. Have a .near account
  4. Have made at least 1 transaction on Paras

Hatch the Egg

At the end of the event, random and top collectors will be selected and received some presents and NEAR coins:
  1. The top selling cards will be printed as a merch by SWAGGER DAO. Only the top 10 collectors will receive this merch along with 30 $NEAR coins.
  2. Another 5 lucky collectors will receive merch by SWAGGER DAO and 10 $NEAR coins.
  3. The rest of the participants will receive 1 $NEAR.
The artists who participated in this event will also be eligible for Hatching the Egg. Every artist that mints cards is immediately eligible to this part of the event.
  1. 5 top artists of the event will receive a merch by SWAGGER DAO. Top artists are determined by their sales volume during the event.
  2. 5 lucky artists will receive a merch by SWAGGER DAO. The lucky artists will be drawn randomly.
There will be a lot of art to collect and a whole new adventure to dive yourself into. Enjoyment and excitement is certain. This time, we also experiment by including a physical good for our top and lucky users! We hope that you are as ecstatic as we are. We will come back to you with more information regarding the Paras Easter event.
Don’t forget to join our community on Discord Server! You can ask questions about the event and meet with other artists and collectors. The festive week is coming!

This project is in public beta.

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