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Unfolded Sorcery

A man was standing there, a dark figure with a strange glow.
-I see you have come to see.
-See what? Peren felt unsure, unsafe.
-The power of life.
Peren couldn't say that was why he had come, but he couldn't say it wasn't either. He had just come, walked down the many stairs in curiosity.
The sorcerer lifted his hands towards him. A red light appeared between his palms, a glow of another world. Something moved, grew. A baby took shape, a human, alive, just like himself. At first it was crying, then watching him in curiosity.
The baby grew, changed. A little child was playing with something invisible between his hands. He laughed, enjoying himself.
An adolescent youngster looked at Peren with staring, judging eyes. Then he laughed a crude, mocking laughter, and was soon a grown man, still young, strong. He Looked happy, sure of himself.
Life went on before Peren's eyes, the young man became a man in the real sense and soon wrinkles could be seen in his face. He looked wiser. Every time he looked at him he saw a knowing, understanding mind behind the worn eyes.
Hair fell of, what was left turned grey. Tired eyes looked away, wanted to be left in peace.
Then it was all over.
The old man withered away as if he had never existed, leaving nothing in this world except a memory in the two men present.
A tear fell down Peren's cheek.
-Why? He looked at the sorcerer in disbelief. -Why create someone just to let him wither away?
The sorcerer laughed.
-You think your life is so much more than his. Your prints might be deeper, but you as well will wither and die, and soon you will be forgotten. Would you prefer to never have lived?
Peren opened his mouth to say something, but no words came out. There wasn't much he could say.
-I gave this man, this child, the gift of life. Now it is gone. As will we all be.
Peren left, walked the many stairs up from the deep caves he had bewildered himself into. He needed to hurry up. He had a life to live.

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