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29 May 2021

NEARPunk is for everyone!

NEARPunk is a representation of people from all walks of life that can use NEAR.
These are unique avatars made in colorful NEARpixel-Punk-artStyle!

100 NEARPunks were minted for the past month and most have found a home. From hobbies to passions, people-next-door to icons, cosplay, classy, sporty and everything in between we're building the Punkpulation of NEAR community.

We can all be NEARPunks no matter what defines us!

In celebration of the 100 NEARPunks, I created a special card called CustomNEARPunk.

CustomNEARPunk allows you to turn anyone or anything you want into a NEARPunk avatar. It can be the punkiest version of yourself, your loved ones, your pets, or even your favorite celebrities and cartoon characters.

How to get CustomNEARPunk
- buy CustomNEARPunk card directly from monztre.near
- DM me on Twitter @ArtofMonztre your NEAR account and what kind of NEARPunk you would like me to create
- you can choose to add a name on front of the card
- no duplicate of the previous NEARPunk
- first come, first serve
- no NSFW
- you will have to burn your CustomNEARPunk card after I showed you the final image of your NEARPunk preview in order to receive it.

If you want to become a NEARPunk, then this one is for you!

Thank you so much for your amazing support! ♥

NEARPunk lives on!

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