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Clearing of New Beginnings

-Look! Tallthings!
The majestic creatures were standing in the clearing of the biggest trees, the place where they say the forest was born. The night was deep and dark, only lit up by big stars in the sky and the purple glow from the sun, fallen so long ago Skyward and Root could hardly remember. The night had just begun.
Skyward put his hand on Root's shoulder. -What do you think they are doing?
-I have no idea...
With night winter would come, with winter frost. Age would get them long before the freeze pushed in for real, but things would only get harder.
Root pointed his ears. -Listen!
The tallthings said some words in a long forgotten language. A song so beautiful it made the trees shiver, the birds fly. Skyward and Root jumped closer, hiding in the weeds and bushes.
A light emerged in the centre of the clearing. A blue, cold light, cold as the night, as the winter. It grew. Took shape. A lump, formless at first, then more complex. A head. Legs. Eyes and mouth. A beast was lying quietly on the ground, glowing, growing.
The light was no longer cold, it was warm, and it filled the darkness.
The beast rested. The tallthings kept singing. The heat got stronger, so strong the closest bushes caught fire.
The high, gracious beings backed away, disappeared between the big trees.
Root covered his eyes. -We need to get out of here!
They ran. The light got stronger. Other creatures of the forest ran with them, away from the Clearing of New Beginnings, into the darkest parts of the woods.
The beast opened its eyes. Got up on its feet, stretched its back, its legs. Wings extended from its shoulders, getting ready to be used for the first time. Waves of warmth and fire pumped through the forest as they flapped, lifted the heavy body from the ground.
It flew up through the trees above, leaving them burning, just for a short while.
The sky lit up. The beast flew off, up towards the stars, lighting up the forest, the mountains in the far east, the sea.
A new sun was born, a sun that would shine for generations to come.

This story and the illustration for the accompanying card are never published before.

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