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Catching Up with Paras #31


20 Sep 2021

How is it going, everyone? Have you checked our IDO page yet on Skyward? There’s still a few hours left before the sale starts. This will be an interesting way to finish September.

First of all, congratulations to the MTVRS team for hitting all-time record sales in Paras. Since their inception, we truly believe that the project is going to be big. We cannot wait to see what you have in store. Thank you for partnering with us!
This month was full of AMA events and also partnership announcements with several projects. We believe that this will be a great way to expand and bring more people to the platform. In addition, $PARAS could revolutionize the interaction of our users. There would be bright days ahead of us!
Let’s get back to our weekly recap! This week was a pleasant one as we see cool drops from projects and artists alike. We record $55888 as our weekly volume. Our artists mint 4286 new cards while our users conduct 18466 transactions this week. Thank you very much to all artists and collectors who have been very active on Paras. We will keep on going to work on the platform and deliver more to our users.
This week, we are going to take a look at five publications from our artists. Since the METABUIDL challenge starts, a myriad of paragraphs appear in our midst. Some of them are totally unique and cute while others bring more of a serious tone to the publication. Get ready to see 5 magnificent collections! Without further ado, let’s start!

Cryptochan — Omen

How do you like the first lineup of Cryptochan? It was terrific in my opinion. I believe that all of the first lineups have been collected by multiple accounts. You don’t have to worry since the second lineup called “Omen” is ready for you.
Omen is the second collection of CryptoChan Cards. These are Soma essences enclosed in cards that follow the style and philosophy of the entire CryptoChan series.
On top of that, the creator also announced “Chanlegion” which is the world’s first NFTs-religion works. There will be more posts regarding this matter from the creator. Similar to the first lineup (Vanguard), all cards under the “Omen” collection are different from one another. Collect the cards now!

METAMON — Reveal Day

Metamon is officially back! With its return, it brings us great news for the future of gaming in the NEAR protocol. On the 18th of September 2021, Metamon reveals snippets of the new monsters. Lilo, Pico, and Ra are the three monsters revealed. These cards represent an early supporter collectible that can be redeemed into the card that you can use in the game. As an homage, Metamon also sends an exclusive card to the holder of the “Quantum Crystal” card from the MTVRS NFT Drops event. This is the start of something big and we are excited to see what’s next. Prepare yourself for Metamon by collecting the cards now!

Kawaii Poop

It takes a certain amount of creativity to transform what’s disgusting into a cute collection. Let me introduce to you the “Kawaii Poop” collection from jrbeideas.near. All the cards in this collection are animated poop characters drawn in a cute style. All the cards are animated differently and show the unique characters between one poop to the other. These are cards immaculate as cute characters and pretty absurd in concept. Thankfully, this is the reason why the collection is unique. It holds its own charm. Collect them now!

Gods and Goddesses

If we are talking about the lore in Paras, I don’t think anyone could compete against fetus-squid.near. The creator never stops creating a publication and expands the world in his mind. We’ve seen the heroes in “The Immortal Flame Series”, but let’s take a look at the mysterious powerful figures; the deities. There are a lot of Deities in the realm of Bah’d. All of them claim their spot as powerful benevolent beings that rule the mortals. In this lore, the deities have 4 categorizations. You can read more details on the article about The Deities in The Immortal Flame Series. As usual, the creator could never disappoint us with the character designs. They are flawless. Get your Gods and Goddesses and prepare for the Pantheon War!

AVADONS: The Miracle Stones

A new sci-fi and fantasy novel is coming to the platform! AVADONS is a novel based on a journey of an alien-human on a planet called Chromia. The collection starts only with three or four cards but exponentially grows in a couple of weeks. There are more additions to the collections from characters, culture, and peculiar creatures of the world. In my opinion, this looks like a heavy commitment from the artist. Let’s show our support by collecting cards under this collection! We would like to see more.

That collection closes the 31st chapter of our weekly recap. How do you like them? If you manage to collect the cards, please don’t hesitate to mention the artists. Your support could mean the world to them. Starting from tomorrow, you can start claiming your $PARAS if you already deposit your $NEAR. We wish everything will go as planned. We hope that we are trotting in the right direction. Have a good day, everyone! Cheers!

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