Paras Action Coin

Introducing Paras Action Coin (PAC or Ⓟ); virtual token every Paras' user will have that is required to traverse through our platform's features such as Transmit, Piece, and Memento.

Hand them a Piece

Appraise other’s content through our incentivized platform. Let the communities of creators’ flourish with appreciation. Coins instead of Likes.

Transmit the thought

Distribute the powerful content to even bigger masses. Do not worry! royalty awaits both you and the original creator when your distribution is recognized.


Host a decentralized community where people can create and share memories with. As a host you can also receive a part of PAC that is being transferred via your Memento.



Your voice matters. Public Memento and Paras will have autonomous governance system that you can take part of. Suggest ideas and get rewarded.

If you are interested in becoming part of the team or just want to learn more about us, do email us at

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