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Shardeez Story Shardeez are “sharded blocks” on a mission. Shardeez defend the ecosystems that matter to all life—to bring awareness and aliveness to the issues and viewpoints surrounding climate and ecology.

The Shardeez Universe Community is dedicated to fostering conversation and solutions. In creating Shardeez, we aim to bring the conversation and debate into the open—in a thoughtful, yet fun way that can support the emergence of impactful leadership thinking.

Which Shardeez Defenders are your jam?

Shardeez started out as an exploratory project by the developers at AktaryTech – a blockchain development company.  Shane Neeley, our Director of R&D wanted to explore building a minting process that could act as a customizable service for making it easy to mint an NFT collection, rather than one at a time.  He chose the NEAR blockchain for this project (it’s a sharded block chain — and hence the name of our NFT collection: Shardeez!).


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This project is in public beta.

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