Invasion of the Worm Men Fictionspawn.near proudly presents what might be the first ever interactive NFT card collecting adventure game. To play the game, buy the cover card The Worms Are Coming. Put the card on sale either for an odd or an even number of NEAR to choose between two paths. Both paths lead to a second card, with yet another choice. On the third card your story might end or you might be confronted with new choices depending on the path you've chosen. The first part of the game has six possible endings. Most of the cards are only valid for gameplay when bought from fictionspawn.near, while a few can be traded and used in other rounds of the game to lunlock new cards and paths. If paths are travelled out, new cards and paths will be minted with new original artwork. The item cards and the cards they are used in combination with are valid also when bought from other players/collectors. Any questions or issues, please take contact on the site below, on Twitter @fictionspawn, on Discord or send me an email [email protected] How will your story end?




This project is in public beta.

2021 Paras


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