Introducing Memory Grant

July 6, 2020

Afiq Shofy

Afiq Shofy

Introducing Memory Grant

Do you ever have a moment when you experience something emotional and suddenly an emotional event shows up right in front of your eyes? as if they are a complete slideshow and snapshots of those moments?

It is called a flashbulb memory. It is an exceptionally clear and vivid recollection of an important event. The stronger the emotional relation to the memory then the better you think you can recall where and what you were doing. Unfortunately, even this type of memory can be frail; its accuracy can decrease immensely throughout time. Despite your strong sense of recollection, the memory might have slightly altered or you might have remembered something that does not happen. Memory does not age like a fine wine.

Memory Bank is open for contribution.

Memory Bank is Paras' newest communal program. We create a vessel for every user to store and preserve their memory in our platform. Every Sunday, we will ask you a question or captivate you with a certain topic in which you can chime in by contributing with a post. Your post will become a keepsake, a moment in history that other people cannot change. Your contribution might vary from photographs, writings, arts, or designs that could fit the given weekly topic.

This feature also functions as our incentivized program. Every week, the best contributor will be rewarded in DAI Stablecoin and PAC cryptocurrency. To learn more click here.

I'm in! How do I participate?

  1. You need to verify your account through an email address to have a chance to win rewards.
  2. Every Sunday, we create a new memento that is shown on your "Explore" page. You can also see it while choosing the Memento of a post.
  3. The post must be related to the given topic.
  4. Any form of submission is permissible. You also can submit multiple times to the memory bank.
  5. We will pick the winner and the honorable mentions. 
  6. When a week passes, we will lock the Memento until the given topic is announced once more.
  7. For the winner, the incentives and payment information is sent directly to your email that is linked to the account.

We would like to invite you to be a part of creating a keepsake that you record. We believe that memory is only as real as the last time you remember it. It becomes less accurate. We ought to preserve it because your memory should be ceaseless; unending and unbroken. Your memory is a never-ending story. Join Paras.

If you are interested in becoming part of the team or just want to learn more about us, do email us at

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